pulley(1) — Subscribe to LDAP configurations and deliver them locally


pulley [-d] [-f file]


The pulley program subscribes to an LDAP server through LDAP Sync, and retrieves configuration information from it. When the connection to the LDAP server is lost, it will try other servers, and after a full cycle it will apply exponential fallback, but it will keep trying to reconnect.

Configuration information received over LDAP is treated as an idempotent stream of changes; that is, repeated additions of the same information are ignored, and so are repeated deletions of information. The changes that remain are used to update local configuration data.

The local configuration format can be anything; the general idea being that a target-specific backend can be used to deliver the information. In many situations however, generic backends can exist, for delivery to standard files such as a DBM format.



Select debugging mode. Using this option means that the program will not fork into the background as it normally does; instead, it stays in the active session and reports all errors (also) on standard output.

-f file

Set the configuration file. The compiled-in default is otherwise used, normally that would be /etc/steamworks/pulley.conf